Global Street Paper Summit

Global Street Paper Summit 2022 programme cover

The Global Street Paper Summit is an annual gathering of street paper staff to discuss shared challenges, celebrate successes and think about the future of our global movement.

This year's conference takes place in the Italian city of Milan in collaboration with the local street paper Scarp de' tenis, between Monday 12 and Friday 16 September.

The 2022 Summit is a particularly special one: it is the first opportunity for street papers to come together in person since before the COVID-19 pandemic, the last Summit having been held in Hannover in 2019.

120 people are set to attend the Milan event, representing 48 street papers from 24 different countries.

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Street paper staff at the 2022 Global Street Paper Summit in Milan, Italy. Credit: Andrea Cherchi / INSP

In Milan, INSP is laying on a programme that will allow street paper staff from across the world to learn from and enrich each other with the lessons they have learned in the intervening years since last meeting, discussing topics as varied as the refugee crisis and the media landscape, and taking part in workshops for a more hands on learning experience.

They will also hear from keynote speakers. Swedish journalist, social media expert and founder of the I Am Here International network Mina Dennert will talk about her work countering disinformation to defend human rights and freedom of speech, while service designer Liat Rogel will lead delegates in a session that will help plot a way forward for street papers in an ever changing world.

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Ahead of the Summit, INSP's CEO Mike Findlay said: "I am delighted that we are going to be together in Milan for the first Global Street Paper Summit since before the Covid pandemic.

"Having only joined INSP in May 2022, I have already been impressed by the work that is underway, in particular the wrap-around support that street papers are providing vendors beyond just the transaction of providing and selling the papers: emotional and wellbeing support; practical support with finances and housing; and employment skills; to name just a few.

"Our street paper network has had to remain resilient over the last few challenging years, which is why our Summit is centred on the theme of resilience and reunion. INSP has entered a new phase."