About Us

The International Network of Street Papers (INSP) is a non-profit dedicated to tackling poverty and homelessness globally.

We do this by empowering people and street paper enterprises to tackle these issues locally.

Our vision

People living in poverty have opportunities to earn an income and have their stories heard and understood.

Our mission

To support the global street paper network to alleviate poverty and build a movement for social change.

What we do

We support street papers to start up, develop and scale through regional networks, events and other peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

We report and provide an international news agency for street papers.

We connect street papers and supporters, building a global movement to fight poverty.

Where we work

From our office in Glasgow, we support a network of over 90 street papers across 35 countries.

Our network

  • 92 street papers, in 35 countries, published in 25 languages, make up our network.
  • 3.2 million readers worldwide.
  • 904 volunteers worldwide supporting our network

Our impact

  • Over 390,000 people in poverty supported since the first street paper was published in 1989
  • 5,730 vendors sell street papers at any one time
  • 13.15 million street papers were sold across the world in 2021
  • 1,350 towns and cities had a street paper presence in 2021
  • Over £17.9 million in the pockets of vendors in 2021
  • £214.3 million in the pockets of vendors over the last ten years

We’re stronger together

As an international community, we know that great things can happen when we work together across borders and embrace the power of connection. The more people read and support street papers, the more we can change lives and create a more inclusive world where everyone can earn an income and be heard.

Find your local street paper and join our movement today.

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