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A banner depicting a mix of different street paper covers from all around the world

    INSP editor Tony Inglis: "Street papers have forged their own path in journalism. Now they need your support"

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    A homeless person with a dog carts all of their possessions along the road to their destination

      The criminalisation of poor people on local public transport: Going to prison for not having a ticket

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      Liceulice vendor Nataša, who has Down Syndrome, smiles while wearing glasses and her vendor uniform of blue and orange

        On Liceulice vendor Nataša Bojanić: “Engaging in different situations, ranging from positive to the negative ones, gave Naca a greater sense of independence”

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        We are a nonprofit membership organisation and global community dedicated to tackling poverty and homelessness through street papers.

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        What is a street paper?

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        Street papers provide people in poverty with an immediate source of income while driving long-term change through journalism and advocacy.

        Why street papers?

        Changing lives

        The cycle of homelessness is real... walking in that door (of the Big Issue), getting asked your first name and do you want to work? The power in that one sentence did so much for me.

        Vendor Rachel, Big Issue Australia

        Credit: Nicole Reed/Big Issue Australia

        Changing perceptions

        Cover of Megaphone magazine, Canada

        Iso Numero

        Street paper journalism is thorough and sharp and grounded in the social change required to end poverty and homelessness in our cities.

        Sean, street paper reader, Vancouver, Canada.

        Changing society

        Street papers shape the cities we love and the values of the world in which we want to live.

        Nikoleta Kosovac, Liceulice, Serbia
        Woman wearing a blue vest and handing out Liceulice street paper in Serbia

        Credit: Liceulice

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