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Woman holding Fedel Nelkul street paper

Csurika sells Fedél Nélkül street paper in Hungary. Credit: Román Péter/ Fedél Nélkül

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Around the world, street paper journalism is under threat from rising costs, misinformation and media monopolies.

As costs have risen in many countries, homelessness and poverty rates have too. We believe that good independent journalism, that centres the real stories of poverty and homelessness, is needed more than ever.

Through the INSP News Service, we write, edit and translate hundreds of articles each year for distribution to street papers in 35 countries.

The Service plays a critical role in enabling street papers to go to print every week, enabling thousands of people in need to earn an income and independent media to thrive. We are in urgent need of donations to keep running this service.

This World Press Freedom Day, your support will keep street paper journalism fearlessly independent, non-profit and empowered to tackle poverty and homelessness.

How your donation can help

Arturo is a documentary photographer with Mi Valedor in Mexico City. The street paper has an important presence in a country where it is estimated that up to 44% of the population live below the poverty line.

In these difficult economic times, the News Service enables Arturo's team to access timely articles to produce Mi Valedor magazine.

A photo of journalist Arturo Soto sitting at a desk

Arturo Soto/Mi Valedor

Thanks to the INSP News Service, Mi Valedor readers can learn about stories from around the world that need to be told.

We also used the Service to share news stories related to the street situation in Mexico City. For us, it's important for more people to know there is a constant struggle for the rights of those living on the streets.

Make a difference today

The news never stops, neither do our street papers and neither does our News Service. Monthly donations will help us run our service 52 weeks of the year. You can make a one-off donation too.

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