How street papers work

A magazine is created

by dedicated journalists and storytellers. It includes a range of stories and authentic reporting from people experiencing poverty. It can also include international stories thanks to the INSP News Service.

Animated image of a magazine with girl on front cover

Vendors pick up the magazine

from their local street paper office, choose where to sell the magazine in their city and choose their working hours.

Animation of woman buying a street paper

From their pitch, vendors sell the magazine

at a profit and keep the proceeds.

Animated image of a magazine and cash exchange

Vendors also gain valuable social skills,

make friends and are supported by social workers at the street paper.

Animation of woman buying a street paper from a man

In return, you get a great read,

and you've empowered someone in need.

Animated image of street paper vendor looking into the sun

Support Your Local Street Paper

Curbside Chronicle vendor wearing green vest and holding the magazine to the camera

Use our street paper finder to start fighting poverty today.