Start a Street Paper

Thinking of starting a street paper? We have put together a comprehensive guide for you.

There is no one-size-fits-all way to run a street paper. The diversity in approaches reflects geographic and cultural differences in consumer behaviour, media consumption, financial regulation, and local and national law. However, it’s possible to learn from what others have already tried as you seek an appropriate solution for your community.

Our guide contains methods and practices of individuals and groups that work with street papers around the world. The guide aims to reflect the many experiences of existing street papers in a way that can be adapted to any community or country. It offers a variety of best practices and examples from individuals and organisations within the movement to better assist both start-up and existing street papers when developing and maintaining their organisation.

Whether you are just thinking about starting a street paper or are about to launch your first issue, we welcome you get in touch with us at info[at] to discuss your street paper journey.

Front cover of the Start a street paper guide