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As the international membership organisation for street papers, we are proud to bring together a range of publications whose sales provide people in poverty with the means to earn an income.

Membership is open to publications who share our values, meet our membership standards and align with our model of a street paper.

If you are an individual or organisation who is not eligible for membership, you can get still get involved. Find a street paper near you, sign up to our mailing list and support our work.

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited access to our News Service with new articles added on a weekly basis.

  • Access to Reuters news images for use in your paper.

  • A translation service for stories submitted to the News Service.

  • Access to our online Guides and Resources Hub to help your street paper develop.

  • Access to more tailored business support guidance with our staff.

  • Networking – be part of our social media groups and receive invites to our member meetings and events.

  • A monthly newsletter sharing ideas, inspiration and news from the network.

  • Voting rights at our Annual General Meeting.

  • Promotional opportunities on our social media, website, mailing list and press.

  • Use of our member logo.

  • Part of a global network fighting poverty around the world through joint campaigns.


Your organisation must meet our Membership Standards and align with our street paper model.

INSP street papers are newspapers or magazines whose sales provide socially excluded people with the means to earn an income.

Membership Standards

INSP street papers should:

1. Align with the following INSP values:

  • a) We are committed to challenging inequality and social exclusion.
  • b) We nurture creative and innovative approaches to social problems.
  • c) We respect different approaches and perspectives and are committed to learning from each other.
  • d) We are committed to socially responsible, transparent and ethical operations.
  • e) We use our resources efficiently to maximise our impact.
  • f) We respect our network of members and our board as their elected representatives.
  • g) We are committed to fair pay and we value our staff, interns and volunteers.
  • h) We are committed to providing a safe and dignified working environment for our staff, volunteers and network colleagues.
  • i) We are opposed to all forms of unfair discrimination.

2. Treat their vendors with dignity and encourage self-help.

3. Ensure vendors sell the street paper at a profit to generate an income and a significant percentage of the cover price of the street paper goes to the vendor.

4. Operate as an independent organisation, social business, NGO or association.

5. Re-invest organisational surplus back into the street paper and/or associated projects that work for the benefit of the vendors and marginalised people.

6. Aim to create a quality and respected publication with high journalistic standards and ethics.

7. Ensure that editorial independence and freedom are not compromised, or dependent on, another organisation or the state.

8. Avoid unnecessary competition with other street papers.

9. Display the INSP logo in their street papers and digital platforms.

10. Contribute and give back to the network.

Our street paper model:

Street papers exist to tackle poverty and social exclusion. They provide an enterprising hand up not a charitable hand out: vendors sell the street paper to generate an income. Social enterprise is core to the street paper model with profits reinvested back into their social mission. In addition to employment, many street papers offer their vendors on-going support and access to practical training and other social services. Street papers are also independent media, reporting on social justice issues and providing a unique platform for alternative perspectives and unheard voices, challenging public perceptions of poverty and social injustice around the world.


Membership fees are based on your organisation’s total income. Fees may change each year.

Table with INSP membership fees stating the 2024 rates

Become a member

  1. Check you meet the criteria above.

  2. Contact us at to express an interest. Include your name, your street paper's name, a recent edition of your publication and other details about it.

  3. If we believe you may meet our criteria, we will send you an application form.

  4. You complete the form on behalf of the street paper.

  5. Applications are reviewed by our staff and Board. Independent references are sought.

  6. If approved, you will receive access to our services and a warm welcome from us.

We reserve the right to refuse or end membership of our network.

Thinking of starting a street paper?

If you're starting a street paper from scratch, we can help you by sharing resources, guidances and preparing for you membership.

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